Gift cards

The gift card object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

A gift card is a special type of payment instrument that can be either purchased or used to pay for an order — in total or in part — depending on its outstanding balance. All gift cards must be activated before being used. Rechargeable gift cards can be reloaded at any time. Single-use gift cards become redeemed after the first usage, whatever the balance is used.

You can associate a gift card to a market if you want to restrict its availability to that specific market.

Discount calculation and distribution

Unless you set the distribute_discount attribute to false (default is true) at the single gift card level, the total discount due to gift cards used to pay for an order is calculated and distributed on all the taxable items of the order, based on the ratio between the line item amount and the sum of the amounts of all the line items to which the promotion is applied.

Data model

Check the related ER diagram and explore the flowchart that illustrates how the gift card resource relates to the other API entities.

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