Commerce Layer changelog for software updates, new features, and general improvements.

Increased SKU list items number for bundles

Core API

January 25, 2023

We doubled the maximum number of SKU list items that you can add to a single bundle, which now changes from 5 to 10. We also increased the maximum import size limit at the API level: now the inputs array can contain a maximum of 10000 items (previously 2000).

Adyen Payment API switch in v3.0.0 ⚠️


January 19, 2023

Be advised that we introduced a potential breaking change ⚠️ — Starting from v3.0.0 the Checkout application will adopt the Adyen Payment API v68, dropping the support for v66. Make sure that your Adyen payment gateway is configured properly. This will also introduce the new version of the adyen-web package that is going to improve the drop-in component and the 3DS2 management.

Adyen notifications enablement

Core API

January 19, 2023

We’ve updated and improved our out-of-the-box integration with Adyen which now supports the latest version (v68) of their Checkout API by default and lets you leverage their notification webhooks system (the only way to receive automatic updates about requests that are processed asynchronously).
If you're using an old integration that requires a version lower than v68 (back up to v66) make sure to specify it in the api_version attribute of the Adyen gateway and use the correct version of Adyen's JS SDK and client libraries as detailed on Adyen's website.

Custom events dispatchment in v1.1.0

January 18, 2023

Commerce Layer JS Drop-in library v1.1.0 now dispatches to the document object some custom events (when an item is added to the cart, and when a price or an SKU is fetched) that you can intercept to trigger specific actions on your side. To avoid the same event being fired too often a debouncing practice is also implemented.

External payment gateway components in v4.2.0

January 12, 2023

With v4.2.0 we added to our subsets of payment gateway and payment source components the external gateway and the external payment ones. These components enable developers to process payments once they have an external payment gateway correctly set up on Commerce Layer and can be used in any custom React project or in a forked version of our Checkout application.

External order validation

Core API

January 9, 2023

We’ve implemented a new custom validation process that enables you to apply additional validation rules on top of our standard validation. This can be useful when you want to support more complex validation rules specific to your business logic, such as market-specific quantities or SKUs.
External order validation setup happens at the market level, where you can specify the external_order_validation_url of your external service endpoint and find the generated shared secret that you can leverage to verify the related callback authenticity. To trigger the external validation for an order you need to update it and set the _validate attribute to true.
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