The geocoder object and the allowed CRUD operations on the geocoders endpoint

A geocoder allows a user to convert an address in text form into geographic coordinates (like latitude and longitude). A geocoder can be optionally associated with a market. By connecting a geocoder to a market, all the shipping and billing addresses belonging to that market orders will be geocoded. The geocoded coordinates can serve many purposes: placing markers or positions on the map, validating the accuracy and reliability of an address, performing target marketing, location-based promotions, and other ecommerce operations.

Commerce Layer currently supports Google and Bing geocoder integration.

You can set up a geocoder from the admin UI. All you need to do is choose a meaningful name that helps you identify it within your organization and add the API key provided by the selected geocoding service.

Data model

Check the related ER diagram and explore the flowchart that illustrates how the geocoder resource relates to the other API entities.

This is an immutable API, meaning that create, update, and delete operations are not allowed on this endpoint. You can only fetch a list of geocoders or a specific single one.

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