Price volume tiers

The price volume tier object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

Price volume tiers let you segment the pricing of your products by defining different prices for specific intervals based on volume. The price of the associated SKU will be set by the tier the total quantity of items purchased falls within. For each tier the main attributes you need to specify are:

  • up_to — the tier's upper limit (in terms of the SKU's quantity).

  • price_amount_cents — the unit price to be used for the related SKU if the total quantity of the associated line item is lower than (or equal to) the up_to limit.

If the up_to attribute is null the related tier will be considered a beyond tier, meaning that the specified unit price will be used if the SKU's quantity is greater than the maximum tier's upper limit. If no beyond tier is set the standard SKU's price amount_cents will be used as the beyond price.

Price volume tiers can be imported together with the related prices.

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