A detailed list of all Commerce Layer core resources

Commerce Layer is a flexible commerce API that features 400+ endpoints. This is the detailed reference where you can explore the complete list of our core resources.

How it works

For each single resource you can find:

  • The resource object and its fields, attributes, and relationships.

  • The allowed CRUD operations you can perform on the related endpoint with basic examples of the request/response format.

More to read

See our Getting started guide for basic information on how to fetch, create, update and delete resources or any other instruction you need to interact with our API.

Check our changelog to stay up-to-date with any changes we make on the APIs, apps, and open-source projects (including versioning, product releases, new features, and general improvements).

Read our how-tos for step-by-step tutorials and best practices on how to handle the most common ecommerce scenarios.

Try out our Metrics API and see how it can enable you to gather and aggregate useful data that you can leverage to measure the health and performance of your ecommerce business.

Do you need to manage provisioning tasks programmatically, extend our Dashboard, or even build your own? Leverage our Provisioning API and exercise greater control over your organizational structure and user roles.

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