Tax calculators

The tax calculator object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

By connecting a tax calculator to a market, all the market orders get automatic tax calculations.

At the moment the following types of tax calculators are available (more to come):

  • Manual — add simple, location-based tax rules.

  • Avalara — leverage our out-of-the-box integration with Avalara.

  • TaxJar — leverage our out-of-the-box integration with TaxJar.

  • External — create and apply any custom logic for tax calculations.

Data model

Check the related ER diagram and explore the flowchart that illustrates how the tax calculator resource relates to the other API entities.

This is an immutable API, meaning that create, update, and delete operations are not allowed on this endpoint. You can only fetch a list of tax calculators or a specific single one.

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