Tax rules

The tax rule object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

Create a tax rule to be associated with a manual tax calculator. Use the available regular expressions to match the order shipping method and apply the specified tax_rate (default is 0). You can optionally define the tax rule taxable preferences by setting the freight_taxable, payment_method_taxable, gift_card_taxable, and adjustment_taxable attributes to true (all false by default).

Manual tax calculators support location-based tax rules only, meaning that they can evaluate regex to match the shipping address country, state, and zip codes. For any other use case please consider creating an external tax calculator that handles your own custom tax calculation logic or leveraging our out-of-the-box integrations with Avalara and TaxJar.

Data model

Check the related ER diagram and explore the flowchart that illustrates how the tax rule resource relates to the other API entities.

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