Price lists

The price list object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

Price lists determine the SKU prices and their currency within a market. By default, taxes are included in the prices associated with a price list. If you want to override this setup, set the tax_included attribute to false.

A price list can be associated with different price list schedulers. When one of those price list schedulers is associated with a market, its price list temporarily overrides the market's original one, letting you change a subset of prices within a specific time window (e.g. seasonal sales).

You can define a custom alphanumeric (not case-sensitive) code for your price lists, provided that it's unique across the environment (it can contain underscore and hyphens, spaces are not allowed, the maximum length is 25 characters).

Data model

Check the related ER diagram and explore the flowchart that illustrates how the price list resource relates to the other API entities.

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