Adyen gateways

The Adyen gateway object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

Configuring an Adyen payment gateway for a market lets you safely process payments through Adyen. The Adyen gateway is compliant with the PSD2 European regulation so you can implement a payment flow that supports SCA and 3DS2 by using Adyen's official JS SDK and libraries.

Commerce Layer currently supports the latest version (v71) of Adyen Checkout API by default and back up to v66 for backward compatibility. If you're using or have implemented an old integration that requires a version lower than v71 make sure to specify it in the api_version attribute when creating or updating the Adyen gateway resource in Commerce Layer and to use the correct version of Adyen's JS SDK and client libraries as detailed on Adyen's website.

To create an Adyen gateway choose a meaningful name that helps you identify it within your organization and gather all the credentials requested (like merchant account, API key, etc. — contact Adyen's support if you are not sure about the requested data).

To get real orders and be able to process live transactions with Adyen make sure to get your live URL prefix and correctly set the live_url_prefix attribute of the gateway.

If you're leveraging Adyen's native Drop-in for your integration and want to use the customer payment sources saved from their JS library (highly recommended) instead of the ones saved in Commerce Layer, you can set the native_customer_payment_sources attribute to true (default is false).

Adyen's notification system

Adyen's notifications are webhooks informing you of payment status updates and newly available reports. Notifications are the only way you'll receive automatic updates about requests that are processed asynchronously.

To enable Adyen's notification, first properly set up their configuration on Adyen's customer area (you'll need your webhook_endpoint_url) and generate the webhook_endpoint_secret. Then use the async_api attribute as explained here.


Check the related guide to learn more on how Commerce Layer handles the server-side part of the integration process with Adyen.

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