How to migrate

The simple steps you need to take to make sure your integration is up-to-date with the new Authentication API

We've recently migrated the whole authentication process to our new Authentication API, as detailed in this section. At the moment both the old and new ways of authenticating are supported, but the legacy endpoints, scope syntax, and SSO using a custom org-specific secret key are deprecated and will be dismissed by the end of October 2024. Make sure to update your integration by the specified deadline to avoid any issues.

To migrate to the new authentication process you just need a couple of tweaks to your current codebase:

  1. Change the authentication endpoint from to

  2. Stop using the market and/or stock location number (e.g.: market:1234) when including a scope and start using the new syntax with the ID or the code (e.g. market:id:xYZkjABcdeor market:code:europe).

  3. If you using a custom org-specific secret key to sign a manually built JWT for SSO, switch to the JWT bearer flow with a proper assertion.

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