The organization object and the allowed CRUD operations on the related resource endpoint

Existing organizations cannot be deleted using the Provisioning API. If — for whatever reason — you need to delete one or more of the organizations you created, please ask the organization owner to reach out to our support team and send a specific request to specifying the list of the organization slug you want to be deleted.

Subscription information

The creation of some resources (e.g. organizations and memberships) may be limited due to your subscription plan type. You can check your plan type limits and how close you are to hit them by inspecting the subscription_info attribute.

Micro frontends configuration

Commerce Layer provides a set of micro frontends (MFEs) and open-source apps (e.g. Cart, Checkout, Identity, My account, Microstore) that handle the main ecommerce functionalities. The Provisioning API lets you partially configure them at the organization level by properly passing the mfe object in the config attribute (see example).

At the moment the organization configuration is limited to the MFEs URL format and to the Checkout app setup — more to come.

  • Links — use the links key to specify the URL format for each of your apps (cart, checkout, identity, my_account, microstore).

  • Checkout — use the checkout key to set your checkout app thank you page, privacy policy, and terms of service URLs, billing and shipping countries and states, and more.

You can specify the default values in the default key and possibly override them in a granular way (e.g. by market) by adding additional specific keys (e.g. market:id:ZKcv13rT where ZKcv13rT is the ID of the market that has a different configuration from the default one).

Transferring the ownership

Owners can transfer the ownership of their organization(s) to another member of the same organization. To do that, send a PATCH request to the /api/organizations/:id/transfer_ownership endpoint, where :id is the ID of the organization in question, specifying the new owner email as the only attribute in the payload.


The following request transfers the ownership of the organization identified by the "xYZkjABcde" ID:

curl -g -X PATCH \
  '' \
  -H 'Accept: application/vnd.api+json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer {{your_access_token}}' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json' \
  -d '{
    "data": {
      "type": "organizations",
      "id": "xYZkjABcde",
      "attributes": {
        "new_owner_email": ""

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