Welcome to Commerce Layer

How to get started with Commerce Layer and set up your first organization

Commerce Layer is a transactional commerce API for international brands. It lets you make any digital experience shoppable, anywhere. You can build a multi-language website with Contentful, DatoCMS, Sanity, Wordpress, or any other CMS you already love. Then, add Commerce Layer for multi-currency prices, distributed inventory, localized payment gateways, promotions, orders, subscriptions, and more.

Commerce Layer is free for developers, and it will be forever. So the best way to get started is to create an account and try the API. Once you signed up, you have two options to configure your environment:

  • Leverage the onboarding tutorial you will be prompted to follow. This is the fastest way to have your environment automatically seeded with test data, properly set up, and ready for you to place your first order in minutes.

  • Manually create all the required resources in the correct order (based on their mutual relationships) and configure your organization step-by-step. This could take a while longer, but it's a good opportunity to dig deeper into how Commerce Layer works and learn more about how its data model is structured.

Both of them leverage the Commerce Layer CLI so that you complete the whole process without leaving the command line.

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