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Why a Provisioning API by Commerce Layer and how to get started with it

Commerce Layer is a transactional commerce API for international brands. It lets you make any digital experience shoppable, anywhere.

Previously, things like user provisioning, organization management, or API credentials had to be accessed through our Dashboard.

While this is still an option, developers can now leverage our own Provisioning API which exposes all the endpoints you need to exercise greater control over your organizational structure and user roles and allows you to manage provisioning tasks programmatically instead of manually (eventually, even build your own custom Dashboard!).

With the Provisioning API, you can streamline user onboarding by creating accounts and permissions with simple API requests. You can also pull API credentials for Commerce Layer web apps, integrations, and sales channels directly from the API, making it possible to programmatically dole out API access for key integrations and/or sales channels whenever required. This way, many of the administrative tasks that go with proper user and application access can be automated, saving time and helping scale your business.

The guide that follows is your reference for all the operations that you can perform on the Provisioning API resources and contains all the information you need to get a comprehensive overview of how you can use it.

Let's get started!

Set out by checking the API specification and learning how to authenticate. Then go through the API reference at your leisure — there, for each single resource, you can find:

  • A high-level explanation of the resource usage.

  • The resource object and its fields, attributes, and relationships.

  • The allowed CRUD operations you can perform on the related endpoint with basic examples of the request/response format.

Data model

Have a look at the related ER diagram and explore the flowchart that illustrates how most of the Provisioning API resources relate to each other.

Additional developer tools

To speed up your development process you can leverage the Provisioning SDK, a TypeScript library wrapper that makes it quick and easy to interact with Commerce Layer Provisioning API, both in browser and Node.js applications.

The TypeScript SDK is built on top of the Provisioning OpenAPI schema, that you can use as well to to build mock servers, auto-generate code, SDKs for other languages, implement contract testing, and more.

If you want to use the Provisioning directly from the command line feel free to give the Provisioning plugin of Commerce Layer CLI a try!

More to read

If you're new to Commerce Layer you can sign up for free and try our Core commerce API while reading the documentation.

Check Commerce Layer's changelog to stay up-to-date with any changes, new features, and general improvements about the Provisioning API itself or any other Commerce Layer's app and open-source project.

For everything else, join us on Slack and feel free to ask any questions to the team or get involved in the conversation with the rest of our developers' community.

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