How to pay for an order using Axerve payment gateway

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions is a payment gateway that can handle any use case you might have with your business. It accepts payments from all types of credit cards and any other system (MyBank, PayPal, Yandex, and more), letting you customize every aspect of the payment page. The Axerve payment platform processes more than 4 million requests every month. Thanks to the 250 alternative payment methods available and 20 acquirers, transactions can be completed successfully worldwide.

Commerce Layer provides out-of-the-box server-side integration with Axerve's Lightbox solution. This section will walk you through the different steps you need to follow in order to let your customers process their payments using the Axerve payment gateway on our platform.

For any additional info about the client-side part of the integration, SDKs, and libraries please refer to Axerve official developer documentation.

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