All the available Commerce Layer Metrics API helper endpoints

Commerce Layer Metrics API lets you extract and aggregate relevant metric data from your organizations. Combining the 4 available types of queries (breakdown, date breakdown, stats, and search) on the 3 available resources (orders, returns, and carts) and adding the appropriate filters lets you cover a wide range of use cases that can fit your business needs.

pageUse cases

Anyway, since some use cases are more common than others — e.g. determining any correlations between the products added to the shopping cart, identifying the most popular ones, calculating the frequency with which specific products are purchased, etc. — we decided to expose a list of dedicated endpoints (more to come!) that can help you get these results with simple yet customizable queries. See them as helpers to accelerate the use of the Metrics API and feel free to get in touch with us to share your most frequent use cases so we can evaluate covering them in this section.

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